Treatment Options

Home remedies and creams

A number of home remedies like Sitz bath, apple cider vinegar and over the counter creams are available to help alleviate hemorrhoid discomfort. Sitz bath lower anal canal pressure and provide some relief. Creams containing steroids decrease inflammation and local anesthetic decrease pain. These interventions put a Band-Aid over the problem and don’t eliminate the underlying cause.

Non-Surgical Treatment

A number of non-surgical procedures have been developed to shrink and scar down hemorrhoids. Among these procedures, hemorrhoid banding remains the safest and most effective solution for hemorrhoids. The procedure takes less than a minute to perform in an office. It requires no special preparation and no sedation. Hemorrhoid banding is painless, and patient go back to regular activity immediately after banding.

Surgical Treatment

Surgical resection of hemorrhoids is recommended for the most severe cases. Most hemorrhoid cases are controlled by banding. A number of techniques are used during surgery for hemorrhoids. The traditional surgical approach involves dissecting, ligating then cutting away the hemorrhoidal tissue.

Other techniques involve using a circular stapler, laser or an ultrasound wave scalpel to resect the hemorrhoids.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Avoid constipation, prolonged sitting on the toilet, reduce weight, avoid heavy lifting, increase fiber in diet and drink eight glasses of water a day