Laser Hemorrhoid Removal in Houston

Laser Hemorrhoid Removal in Houston Texas

Hemorrhoid removal with laser is an outpatient procedure that helps control hemorrhoid related symptoms like itching and bleeding. The procedure uses a doppler guided laser that identifies and targets the blood vessels feeding hemorrhoidal tissue. Laser application coagulates the blood vessel and cuts off hemorrhoid blood supply leading to hemorrhoid shrinkage and scarring. Laser hemorrhoid procedure is performed in office and does not require sedation or any special preparation.

When compared to traditional hemorrhoid resection, laser hemorrhoid removal is associated with less pain and discomfort. Bleeding and wound infection are potential complications associated with surgical hemorrhoidectomy that are not likely to be encountered with laser hemorrhoid treatment. The few published studies for laser hemorrhoid treatment demonstrate a good efficacy rate at one-year follow-up. The procedure is more costly and more time consuming than hemorrhoid banding. Houston Hemorrhoid Clinic did not adopt this approach for hemorrhoid treatment as it carries no advantage over hemorrhoid banding.

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