Is Hemorrhoid Banding Worth It?

Hemorrhoid banding is worth it if you are struggling with frequent hemorrhoid related symptoms. Perianal itching and discomfort are quite annoying. Internal hemorrhoids can also cause painless bleeding. However, when they increase in size and prolapse outside the anus, they may cause severe pain.

Hemorrhoid banding has many advantages over other treatments. Hemorrhoid banding does not require any special preparation. The procedure is performed in the office without sedation, and you can resume your regular activity immediately after banding. Hemorrhoid banding is pain free, fast, and effective. It has more than 99% success rate. Symptoms like bleeding, itching and discomfort are safely eliminated in a cost-effective way. You don’t have to worry about hospital stay related costs and anesthesia fees.

For these reasons, hemorrhoid banding has become quite popular. If you struggle with symptomatic hemorrhoids give us a call at 281-885-8316.