Do Hemorrhoids Go Away?

Hemorrhoids are dilated blood vessels beneath the lining of the anal canal. Dilated blood vessels do not shrink back to normal over time. Once hemorrhoids develop, the disease is likely to progress with time causing repeated bouts of itching and bleeding.

External creams and Sitz bath help alleviate symptoms and reduce discomfort. These treatments, however, do not eliminate hemorrhoids. A more effective solution consists of hemorrhoid tissue removal. Hemorrhoid banding is the most commonly performed treatment to eliminate hemorrhoids for good. A rubber band is applied to strangulate hemorrhoid tissues leading to shrinkage and scarring. Hemorrhoid banding is performed in the office in less than one minute. It requires no special preparation. It is simple and effective. Most importantly, hemorrhoid banding is safe and painless. The complication rate of hemorrhoid banding is very low making it the preferred treatment solution for symptomatic hemorrhoids.

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